Rhino UK vs Hatchbag – which is the best boot liner for you?

Rhino UK vs Hatchbag – which is the best boot liner for you?

Boot liners are the perfect option if you want to keep your car boot and interior looking as new and clean as it did the day you bought it. Protecting your car, whether it’s new or old is important for many car owners and choosing a good quality boot liner will help you to do this.

Muddy boots can be costly and time-consuming, as well as preventing you from using it properly until it has been cleaned. So, whether you want to protect your car from wet dogs, dog hair, sporting equipment, fishing gear or rubbish, there are a range of durable boot liners available to buy.

In this guide:

Rhino UK vs Hatchbag 

Our customers often like to know the difference between Hatchbag boot liners and those made by Rhino UK before they buy. To help you see the difference, we’ve been comparing both boot liners to help you make a decision on the best option for you and your car interior.

Both offer a great product designed to protect your car from a number of elements but they have subtle differences that may affect your decision to buy from either brand.


Rhino UK



  • Made to measure
  • Fits individually for each vehicle
  • Fits the exact shape of your boot
  • Uses the space of your boot in the most practical way possible
  • Ensures boot lights, plugs etc. are still accessible
  • Whole boot is protected to keep your boot clean


  • A mixture of elastic loops, hook and loop and adhesive fasteners


  • Machine washable
  • Needs to be removed from the car to be washed
  • Easily cleaned in situ without the need to remove from the car
  • Wipe-clean materials means it can be cleaned with a damp cloth without having to remove it


  • Waterproof, it will offer protection for wet dogs and equipment
  • Waterproof
  • The liner will prevent water seeping through from wet dogs, fishing equipment, watersports equipment etc


  • Bonded polyester
  • A fabric material that has a coating that binds the individual plies of sewing together for better protection
  • Slightly softer than a standard polyester
  • Quality, reinforced PVC, so offers strong protection and a hard wearing boot liner
  • Thicker than a traditional liner
  • Waterproof
  • Perfect for pets as it provides the durability needed to ensure your car stays protected

Available colours

  • Available in 14 colours

Backseat protection

  • Yes
  • Rear seat bib—additional fabric to cover the top of the rear seats
  • Yes
  • Rear seat flap—designed to protect the top of your rear seat


  • Material is designed for heavy-duty use
  • Incredibly durable and hard wearing
  • Made with quality materials to stand the test of time
  • Estimated seven-year+ lifespan
  • Most customers say it lasts the lifetime of the car

Suitable for?

  • Outdoor families
  • Heavy equipment
  • Sports (e.g. fishing)
  • Outdoor families
  • Heavy equipment
  • Sports (e.g. fishing)


  • £65 + VAT
  • £96.47 + VAT


  • Free over £50
  • Free to UK mainland
  • Once our boot liners have been made to order, we can offer quick delivery

The main similarities


Both liners are made from durable materials and are designed to withstand heavy duty use whether you’re transporting dogs, goods or sports gear. Durable liners have a long lifespan and many customers say they last the lifespan of their cars and they only come back to us when they change cars.


The liners offer waterproof protection for the boot of your car so you can be sure that your car will be protected from wet dogs and equipment and to keep your boot clean.

Easy to fit

As the liners are specifically made to fit your car, they mould to the shape of your car boot perfectly and are easily secured with Velcro, elastic looks, hooks and adhesive fasteners.

Designed for specific models of car

Both liners are made to measure for each car model. Rhino UK takes the specific measurements of your car from you to make sure it’s custom made. At Hatchbag, we scan the boots of the car models we supply to make sure it’s a complete, secure fit.


Many cheaper boot liners are good for short-term solutions but they do not last and water and dirt can still get through.

Both Hatchbag and Rhino UK boot liners are made with high-quality materials to provide your car with full protection from anything you choose to transport.

Many boot liners simply offer a mat to cover the base of your boot but high-quality liners are high sided and protect the interior of your car too.

Accessories & additions

Both Hatchbag and Rhino UK are available with a number of additions to offer further protection to your car and boot, should you need it.

Options include:

Bootliner extension: The boot liner extension allows you to extend coverage of the liner to the rear passenger area if you feel you need additional space for dogs, fishing gear, mountain bikes, DIY equipment etc.

bootliner extension example

Rear seat flap: the rear seat flap with protect the top of your rear seat too to offer additional protection from muddy or drooling dogs.

Bumper flap: if you want to protect your rear bumper from scrapes when loading equipment or dogs into your car, our boot liners can be fitted with a bumper flap that can be extended when loading or unloading.

bumper flap

Tailgate covers: these offers additional protection by covering the inside of your boot door too.

tailgate covers

Rear split: boot liners can be supplied with a rear split or seat split so you can fold your seats down and create additional space in your boot.

Mats: anti-slip mats are available to prevent the contents of your boot from sliding around and to give dogs something to grip onto. Hatchbag’s rubber mats are designed to fit perfectly to boot liners to prevent slipping.

mat example 1
mat example 2

The main differences

Dog friendliness

If you like to get out and about with your dog in all weathers, you may find that your boot gets dirty quickly and smells are hard to get rid of and getting them dry while you’re out is nearly impossible. Hatchbag boot liners are designed to offer full coverage and prevent water and dirt from getting through to your boot whilst protecting your boot from muddy feet.

Our boot liners are made with soft, padded material which means your dogs will have a more comfortable journey in the boot of your car and, due to the way our boot liners are fitted, will not slip or slide around.

In addition, you do not need to remove the liner in order to clean it so any mud and dirt can be easily wiped away, taking the smell of wet dog with it.

At Hatchbag, we also supply quilted blanket-style mats to fit the bottom of your boot which is designed to repel dirt and hair and eliminate bad odours.

If you want to prevent your dog from slipping around the boot, we recommend a Rubber Mat which will help them to stay secure and stop them from slipping when you turn the corner or brake.

Find out more about protecting your car boot from dog hair here.

Flexibility for different car models

At Hatchbag, we scan the car boot of each of the models we supply boot liners for. This allows us to account for every contour of the boot and create a boot liner that is perfect for your car boot. Our boot liners will mould to the style of your car and adjust to meet your exact needs.

land rover car boot mercedes benz car boot BMW 5 Series car boot


Car models and boot shapes may stay the same but accessories such as lights or sockets can change position from model to model as car manufacturers look to tweak models. This means that we do not supply gaps for these as we want our liners to offer as much coverage as possible. The material of our liners does not fray so you’re able to cut small gaps with a Stanley knife to expose boot lights or sockets in your car.

We also supply a range of custom mats for the bottom of your boot to help prevent luggage or pets from slipping and to offer added protection.

Secure fit

The Hatchbag boot liner is secured using hook fasteners and hook and loops to loop onto the headrests in your car to keep them in place. Some of our liners are supplied with elastic loops and rubber bungees which attach to suitable points located around your rear seats to ensure your liner stays in position.

Easy to clean

Using your boot to transport fishing gear, dogs, sporting gear or anything that causes your car boot to become filthy can ruin the inside of your car. However, adding a boot liner can protect your car but what happens when the boot liner becomes dirty? Many need to be removed and machine washed which can be a pain if you still want to use the liner to protect your boot while it’s being washed.

The Hatchbag liner is made with wipe clean material so you can clean it while it’s still in your car without having to remove it. The fabric used means that the dirt comes off quickly and easily, without leaving any odour and, as the liners fit so perfectly, there is minimal risk of the dirt and water seeping through to your car.

Find a bootliner made specifically for your exact car make and model below. Go ahead and try it!

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