MINI boot liner information


Here at Hatchbag, we understand that your MINI is for more than sitting in traffic and commuting to and from work. You want to get back into the countryside, take your dog on muddy country walks, travel regularly and take your camping gear around with you when you go.

It’s okay to do messy things and enjoy everything nature has to offer, but if you’re concerned about damaging your car boot area, worry no more. This is where a fully tailored boot liner comes in.

You may be wondering which option is better for you: manufacturer-made or custom-made MINI boot liners. Or you might even be wondering what boot liners are available for your MINI. We’ve put this article together to explain how Hatchbag designs compare against manufacturer-made boot protectors and how your MINI would benefit from a custom boot liner. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section:

Comparing manufacturer-made and custom-made MINI boot protection







Designed by MINI using standardised materials such as carpet and rubber

By manufacturer standard, designed more as a boot tray or mat. Often has a non-specific, generic shape

Able to protect the boot floor only from pet hair, mud, dirt and small spills. No protection for the boot walls or back of rear seats

Upwards of £40 for a protective boot liner mat


Made from high-quality and durable materials (including pet-safe PVC) designed for longevity and resisting wear

Individually and personally customised to the specific shape of your boot space, designed for a flush fit

Extensive protection from large spills, pet hair and damage, mud, dirt and tools/leisure equipment. Also provides additional protection for the back of rear seats and boot walls

Upwards of £100 for a comprehensive and fully tailored boot liner

*Custom-made information is based on Hatchbag designs. Not all custom-made products will feature these benefits.

Manufacturer-made boot protection

Boot floor mats and luggage compartment protectors

The standardised MINI boot mat comes in a generic design and is only compatible with certain models, including the MINI Cooper S and Countryman. Some of these mats are available with the specific model logo.

While these are able to provide limited protection against small liquid spills and pet hair, they offer no protection to the back seats or walls of your boot, due to their shape.



These are designed to limit disruption to your boot volume where possible, making them sleek and discreet

Both the backs of the seats and the walls of the boot are left vulnerable and exposed to damage and mess

Made from easy-to-clean TPE plastic

Only available for specific models


Limited comfort for pets


Only available in black—no customisation options

Boot mat liners

MINI’s anti-slip boot mat liners have a raised edge to stop small spills from damaging the boot space. They are also made from TPE plastic which provides durability and requires minimal maintenance. Like the boot mats, MINI boot liners do not cover the walls of the boot area or the back of the rear seats. They are not customisable or tailored, and are only compatible with select MINI models.



Designed to be thin and sleek for maximising cargo/loading space

Exposes the backs of seats and the boot walls to damage

Made from water-resistant materials to repel small liquid spills

Unable to accommodate larger spills

Manufactured with a raised edge to minimise the leakage of any small spills and protect the boot floor from water damage

Only available for limited models


Only available in black

Custom-made boot liners

The custom-fit MINI boot liners from Hatchbag are designed in the UK and tailored to your individual needs. We only make these liners from top-quality, pet-safe reinforced PVC to ensure that they will always prove to endure heavy duty damage and large spills.

Our boot liners are available with a range of compatible accessories and are offered with a number of upgrade options, such as Rear Plus with Seat Split which allows you to fold the rear seats individually or together without removing or adjusting the boot liner.



Fully tailored to fit your MINI perfectly with no need for awkward and difficult measuring on your part

Can sometimes cost more than the one-size-fits-all alternative (although, because it will last longer and fit better to your vehicle, you can see this as a good investment compared to buying several lower-quality generic liners over the lifetime of your car)

Protects not just the floor of your boot but also the walls and the backs of the seats


Pet-friendly and designed with built-in odour control


Plenty of customisation options to ensure added protection or personal tailoring including seven colour variations


Waterproof, non-absorbent and wipe-clean


Flush fit and held in place by locking straps


MINI boot liner information

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